Final Poland vs. Sweden, first race full-length

This video features the first final race of the 2015 Optimist Team Cup between the teams of Poland and Sweden in full-length and high resolution

The video was produced by Tobias Graf with the help of an unmanned aircraft vehicle. Unfortunately the battery was low on the final upwind leg, so he does not have a close-up of the actual finishing situation.

The Homepage of Tobias shows many processed videos featured in sailing events such us the 49er Junior World Championships in Flensburg, Germany.

Many thanks to Tobias for providing us with this great close-up and at the same time overview of the tactics and manoeuvres in Optimist Team Racing. He really did a fantastic job there.

  • OTC 2015, first final race, Poland vs. Sweden
    • OTC 2015, first final race, Poland vs. Sweden

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