Many thanks and hope to see you again next year

Thank you very much!!!
Dear sailors, dear coaches and team leaders, dear supporters and umpires,
we hope you have now all returned savely to your home location. On behalf of the whole organizing team and the Potsdamer Yacht Club I want to thank you all very much for contributing to a great event. We all enjoyed very much having you here and be able to follow the fair and very exciting race action.

Segeln im Potsdamer Yacht Club

Special thanks also to our international umpire team.

Opti Team Cup 2021, Umpires

Due to our long established contact with Petrus we were fortunately able to provide you with beautiful conditions with sunshine and light to middle winds.
So if you also enjoyed these days, please spread the news that the next 34th edition of the team cup will most probably take place from October 21st to 23rd 2022 and that registrations will be welcome starting January 2022.
Photos of the event kindly provided by Hans Glave (protected by copyright, for private purposes only) can be assessed 

Segeln im Potsdamer Yacht Club

If you are interested in high resolution pics for press releases please contact me
Wish you all a good time

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